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Group and Centre Base Support

Our Group and Centre Based support has been created to assist and encourage participants to join in community, social and recreational activity groups.

Our goal is to provide a broad and inspiring environment in which participants are free to meet new people, make new friends, participate in activities with each other, and learn new skills, and all this will be happening while socialising and having fun in a group with experienced team members, who drive these support environments.

A wide range of group or centre-based activities and programs are available to participants such as:

Community Access

Includes participating in and attending community events, shopping, Museums, Zoo, Art Galleries, Libraries, group BBQ’s and Picnics.

Health and wellbeing

Group fitness activities, going for walks, swimming, yoga and provide participant essential education to enable and empower them in taking care of their own health and wellbeing.

Literacy and Numeracy

Money handling, budgeting, reading & writing. Programs will be designed as per the participant’s abilities and willingness to take part in the activity.


Dance, Disco, Art and Craft, Ten Pin Bowling, Indoor Games.

Skill Development

This program set is not limited to any number; this program can be tailored according to participant’s goals and aspirations.

Participants actively participate in the activities with staff members and may learn skills to improve their coordination and fine motor skills.

These activities also help participants to express themselves while thinking creative and socialising at the same time. It improves individual’s overall well-being by uplifting their mood and helping them to connect and relax at the same time.

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