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Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Nobility Care Australia provides participants with educational and skill development programs and individualised training, to enable them to independently perform day to day activities and effectively utilise community resources.

Daily Living Skills may include but are not limited to, skill development in:

Food preparation by following a recipe and cooking meals. This also includes shopping groceries, planning, and preparations.

Travel and transportation training with planning and problem solving.

Learning to how to self-advocate.

Personal hygiene & self-care such as toilet training, showering and personal care.

Socialisation skills which include active community participation.

Financial management.

Depending on the need, transportation arrangements can be included with these services as well.

Our programs allow our participants to learn several skill sets. Participants in these programs are encouraged to participate in trying skills or training activities, as independently as they are willing and capable.

At NCA, we assist participants in building independence and confidence, by educating them on how to manage and overcome their challenges.

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