Awareness for Abuse, neglect, violence, exploitation and discrimination

04 October 2021     Topic

04 October 2021     Topic

Nobility Care Australia will encourage and support any person who has witnessed the abuse of a service user or, who suspects that abuse has occurred, to make a report and be confident of doing so without fear of retribution.

Nobility Care Australia recognises the right of all participants to feel safe and to live in an environment that provides protection from assault, neglect, exploitation, discrimination or any other form of abuse. People with disabilities, children and young people are some of the most vulnerable groups in our society. It’s essential that Nobility Care Australia identify, consult and respond to instances where persons with disabilities, children or young persons are at risk of significant harm.

Common reasons for people with disabilities, children and young people to be at risk of significant harm include:

  • domestic and family violence
  • physical, sexual and emotional abuse
  • neglect.

There are various type of abuse such as Physical Abuse, Psychological/ Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Neglect, Domestic and family abuse.

At Nobility Care Australia, we aim to:
  • take a preventative, proactive and participatory approach to everyone’s safety
  • value and empower the people to contribute to decisions which affect their lives
  • foster a culture of openness that supports all persons to disclose the risks of harm to participant safety
  • respect diversity in cultures and child-rearing practices, while keeping the everyone’s safety paramount
  • ensure people to know who to talk to if they’re worried or feeling unsafe and that they’re comfortable and encouraged to raise any issues
  • value the input of families and advocates and communicate regularly with them.

Bullying is also defined as a systematic or repetitive abuse of power with an objective to intentionally cause psychological harm. Bullying then may take various forms, including verbal, physical, and social abuse. Bullying can occur at any time and place.

One of my biggest concerns as a parent, as I’m sure many of you are, is discovering that my children are being bullied or are bullies themselves. I sometimes ponder on how we would react if one of these scenarios were discovered.

In a society where bullying may take various forms, it worries me that not enough parents, guardians, relatives, and friends would know what to do in the best interests of their children.

Well, we should do the right thing and spread awareness about these issues and concerns. We must report the bullying and abuse when it starts so that we can end it there, if left growing then it can become a big hurdle in our life which will not let us grow.

Choice is ours now…


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